Author Topic: Why only MAX 10 person to UTM Skudai?  (Read 8046 times)


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Re: Why only MAX 10 person to UTM Skudai?
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Mcm nih le Aza...
Aku setuju KAMI adalah program Independent. (Mcm mana lagi nak jelaskan)Tetapi kita bekerja dalam sistem Malaysia yg persuratan itu amat penting.

Our letter of Independence. That would be a giant leap of things to come in the future.

Anyway, i've got news that we will receive a confirmation letter saying we are going to be an INDEPENDENT SCHOOL in KL (unless someone decide otherwise). Like you said competition between two schools is good. In the future KL will offer Part 2, Master/PhD.  The idea had been mention in Skudai & KL by the top people of UTM. Imagine also bringing PAM new HQ into City Campus (even PAM could not resist this idea of placing themselves in City Campus-FOC hehehe)..this is still an idea.

See? Look at the bigger picture. The info you don't know.

And Aza, with all due respect...
Jangan assume aku tak refer masalah ini pada orang yang sepatutnya. I don't assume. My words comes from the people who brought me into UTM.

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Re: Why only MAX 10 person to UTM Skudai?
« Reply #41 on: February 18, 2008, 09:35:46 AM »
huhu..It's been a long time since the last time i logged in..WOW..  what's with the arguments?

To UTM KL students, entering degree program in UTM Skudai doesn't mean that you'll make the best of yourself!! Kat mana2 pun, kalo bersungguh-sungguh akan berjaya jugak!! I really believed that!

and to Abg.Yuri...I'm quite suprised that you're reacting this way! This problem had been affecting everyone in UTM Architecture School, as long as I remember (sejak 1st year dah dgr bende ni), Not only to UTM KL.  If they feel "dianak-tirikan" just because they didnt get to enter UTM Skudai, what more do you think those from UTM Skudai didnt get to enter degree in their own place..? huhu rasa macam anak kandung kena halau rumah kot!! ahhahaha (^-^)-----

But anyway, to KL Students, please dont feel bad or discourage.  Yes, perhaps UTM Degree in Architecture is one of the best but in life nothing went well without problems.  We need options in life just in case the 1st choice didnt worked out. There's alot of other universities, just consult with your lecturers. I believe they are capable to consult you guys in this matter.- so, ALL THE BEST!!