Author Topic: How Architect design for own and foreign country?  (Read 840 times)


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How Architect design for own and foreign country?
« on: January 03, 2010, 11:25:34 AM »
Hi all.
I have often read about some design process of architect, trying to get design product to be as much closer as to the user but at last end up criticizing badly from the user which cause the design to be not accepted.

For instance, project library in Seattle by OMA, project sustainable community in Huangbaiyu, China by William McDonough. Both have demonstrated their design process which seems great and logical initially before the buildings go for the test of time.
Their speechs are available in I guess.

I doubt that can the culture, and context be studied like what they just did?
So, would anyone here like to share how architect design for own as well as foreign country in order to bring coherent to all?

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Re: How Architect design for own and foreign country?
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To design firm to establish their own office in the country, hiring a locally registered architect to head it out a local firm that they can work with and staffing with a mix of local and imported architects. This is the expensive option.China is emerging as a key destination for international architects, with experienced designers flocking to take up jobs in the country.All of us can obtain the necessary permits and authorization to perform design services in the host country in their own right.Refer on web for getting more.Anyone need essay helps refer the online services and you can perform well also.
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