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Re: project center
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OOOO  dah tamat rupanya...  :pening: i thought br start.  <_< owh well. I guess its these times we usually term as "close the books" (hope not) ... hmmm...  :hmm: i was just about to tell u that i baru teringat that the consultant who advised and composed the guidlines was Ar. Zalina from ZAA Arkiteks. her office is just across the road from the site... her husband who was my sifu during 2nd year took me there and we did the same thing. Bonceng moto Kriss dgn seorang Ar.  :thumbs: n all I could think of at that time was "thank God this guy knows of deodarants" (during my practicle I was assigned to design the Bishop Street Wanita UMNO building, a week before i ended my practicle. it was Conservation in a sense and at the same time refurbishment, only I did the first final draft and managed one presentation with the clients, a great experience, before I had to return to the university, someone took over after I left and in the papers last month, its going through a lawsuit also related to heritage issues. Wow, after 7 years, what we do today echoes in eternity, i just thought to myself "thank god it wasnt me who proposed that hideos mullion"  ^^`).... hahaha the irony of it all. Well good luck to those who completed the project.  :notworthy:

PS: sorry i got carried away with the smileys, they were fun to play with
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Re: project center
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 :notworthy: thank you namiaz... i'd keep your advice at heart till i can use it in the later years. tho i can't say i understand yet. i'll just keep chewing and try to digest it as time goes on and as i journey on.

Hehe!!! i think that smiles are fun too!!  :P :mellow: :huh: :rolleyes: :thumbs: :blush: :censored:
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