Architectural Design Repository

Under Construction

The Repository is the collection of Architectural Design Theses submitted for the award of Bachelor of Architecture (Honours), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This is the pilot project to establish an online searchable database, focusing on accessibility of information for the future architectural students not only in UTM, but all over the world.

The Repository will not host the actual content of the Theses itself, but rather make available the author, abstract, relevant information, teaser images and how to contact the author directly.

In the future, the Repository will also list Topical Studies and Architectural Projects done throughout the academic year.

Sample below is what the Repository would look like. Feel free to explore.

Architectural Design Repository

PublicationYearSemesterNumber of Publications
Thesis2012 (Coming Soon)122
2011 (Coming Soon)116
2009 (Coming Soon)
2008 (Coming Soon)

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