Not more than 4 pages written statement (including cover page) consisting of points listed below must be submitted:

  1. Thesis title
  2. Overview/Background/Abstract
  3. Issues and Problems
  4. Objective(s)
  5. Potential/Proposed solution(s)
  6. References
  7. Preference of Thesis Supervisory Panel
  8. Declaration of authenticity

Submission should be made to the coordinators online on the Design Thesis Section according to the designated discussion thread. Students are recommended to use the DTP Template (attached below) as a guide. Alternatively, students could also submit via:

  1. Fax to 07-5530749 (Att: AP. Dr. Syed Ahmad Iskandar Syed Ariffin and Mr. Azari Mat Yasir)
  2. Registered post
  3. By hand

The DTP Selection process is detailed as follows:

  1. The coordinators will declare available spaces in each Thesis Supervisor Panel (TSP). Students will make their decision of preferences based on the information given. First, students must decide which Unit they prefer (Socio-culture, Urban or Sustainable Technologies). Then students decide the ranking of preference of the three TSPs under the Units.
  2. The DTP should be saved in either Word document (docx) or Portable Document Format (pdf). PDF is preferred if the document contains high resolution images (to keep the size down). The file should be named according to the following convention:

    [Session/Semester] <space> [Author’s full name] <space> [Proposal number]

    201314-1 Ali bin Abu Proposal01.docx

  3. Students submit ONE proposal to the coordinators. (Students are encouraged to have more than one DTP on stand-by, should the first one gets rejected).
  4. Upon receiving the DTPs, a DTP Selection Meeting will be held involving the head of each TSP or a representative and the coordinators.
  5. Each DTPs will be read by the targeted TSP representative to be judged. Then they will be sorted out according to their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. All DTPs will be sorted according to the order of preference.
  6. The rejected students (those who have exhausted all 3 choices but still did not manage to secure a panel) will be informed by the coordinators and will have 7 days to produce a new proposal.
  7. A second DTP Selection Meeting will be held to decide on the rejected students.
  8. Those who failed the second DTP Selection Meeting will be deemed not ready to sit for their design thesis and will be recommended to drop/withdraw the subject.
  9. The final results will be announced during the Briefing on the 1st day of school each semester.

General notes on DT Proposals, submissions and selections:

  1. Panel distributions and placements are under the authority of the Coordinators. Any discrepancies or appeals must be made to the Coordinators. Thesis Panel Heads have no authority to endorse or reject appeals without permission from the Coordinators.
  2. It is advisable for students to discuss their proposals alongside the Personal Design folio with the head of TSP or any members within it. The aim is to ascertain that the proposed projects would be compatible with the philosophy of the panel as well as the expertise within it. Any decisions made by the TSP (to accept or reject the student) during this exercise can and will be superseded by the DTP Selection Meeting.
  3. It is common practice for the Thesis Group to exercise equal loading even if there are spaces available in a particular TSP. Meaning that even if the maximum number is 15 per TSP, the Thesis Group will always insist on an average number of 10 (for example). Exceptions are made on case-by-case basis.
  4. Each TSP have the right to not take any students in a particular semester upon permission by the department based on reasons/arguments provided.
  5. Each TSP have the right to accept or reject any DTPs based on criteria totally unique to their own.

DTP Template 2014