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After having been one of the first places in the world to be hit by a catastrophic event as a result of global warming, Indonesia has managed to recover from such devastation and chaos. In the wake of the images which were broadcast around the world just a few years ago, we have been witnesses to how tsunamis, contrary to what we might have believed, have become more frequent –as in the recent case of the earthquake in Chile- and this fact has led us to the conclusion that more than ever planning is needed for a prevention and research center. That is why, for this competition, ARQUITECTUM, together with the PELITA HARAPAN UNIVERSITY, has proposed a proper Marine Research Center which would fulfill this need. But the idea is not simply to locate it at an ad-hoc site, but instead to select a paradisiacal and beautiful place, thereby eradicating that paradigm under which research centers must always be located far from civilization or located at isolated spots, be it far from cities or the many wonderful scenic places which the world has to offer.

On the contrary, with this project we propose to encourage the participants to demonstrate how, through architecture, a symbiosis can be achieved between science and art, between landscape and technology. ARQUITECTUM therefore aims to call upon large technology companies, developers or oil companies to incorporate within their vision the principles of architecture, for until now they have not discovered, for example, that it is possible for an oil platform to be an object which is able to commune with nature, or for an aircraft carrier to possess an architectural aesthetic, or at least to understand that it ought to possess one.

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The official website is up! The excitement is now building up exponentially. Grab the briefs for the theme, performance and competition there and lets start cooking. Pay them a visit at now!

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The Chicago Architectural Club is pleased to announce the 2010 Chicago Prize Competition: MINE THE GAP, a single-stage international design ideas competition dedicated to examining one of the most visible scars left after the collapse of the real estate market in Chicago: the massive hole along the Lake Michigan shore that was to have been?and may yet be?the foundation for a singular 150-story condominium tower designed by an internationally-renowned Spanish architect, a tower which was to have become a new icon for the city and region. What to do with the gap? Whether or not the project is resuscitated, what else can we do with this strategic and highly-charged site? Once the motor of real-estate speculation has stalled, what can we use to propel ourselves, and the discipline, forward?

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Architects for Health invite architectural students to submit projects to be considered for the third annual Student Healthcare Design Award 2010. As in previous years any* project relating to the design of a healthcare building can be submitted, however the 2010 competition introduces a greater emphasis on the sample brief – Designing for Death: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise and a specific prize will be awarded for the most successful response to the sample brief we have prepared.

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The merging of different aspects of high quality architecture in sustainable building structures is the primary goal of teaching and research activities at the Department for Building and Environment. A key component is the skillful use of natural light. The competition “Daylight Spaces” provides a platform upon which to raise awareness of planning with natural light.

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