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The mission of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) is to advance and promote sustainable and environmentally responsible planning, design, construction and operation of the region’s buildings, landscapes, cities and communities, mindful of the legacy left for future generations.

Register by: April-30-2010 / Submit by: May-03-2010

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The 2010 Design Ideas Competition is an exciting opportunity for architects, city planners, urban designers, engineers, and landscape architects, including students, graduate students and interns of these disciplines around the world to contribute ideas about creating more resilient cities.

The purpose of the Design Ideas Competition is to stimulate thinking and discourse about how to increase the resilience of our cities as we move into a century where our cities will be subjected to the combined environmental and economic impacts of Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Register by: May-14-2010 / Submit by: May-28-2010

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In celebration of the launch of Foreign Architects Switzerland, a new publication, we are hosting an ideas competition for an Islamic Center in Zuerich. Triggered by the recent ban on the construction of minarets in Switzerland, we search for entrees where Muslims can gather and practice their religion in an open, western context.

Located on a prominent site above the Limmat River, the presence of such a Mosque is impossible to camouflage. How can architecture, as a manifestation of social relationships, expedite conflicts in a city? Is Zuerich an undisturbed town, or a war-zone, a platform for ideas to be fought for? How can elements of a foreign culture be augmented, rather than diminished, through contextualism?

Register by: March-01-2010 / Submit by: March-01-2010

Are you ready for the next installment of the Architectural Workshop? It’s finally knocking at our doorsteps. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia will be hosting this year with Taylor’s College and International University College of TwinTech. Visit their Facebook page (by clicking the image above) to contact the organizers and see the fun and joy they’re cooking up.

Discuss about the workshop here.

SEAMLab’s inaugural Scholarship Competition encourages students to thoughtfully consider contemporary challenges and opportunities that exist in material design, architecture, engineering, science, and the built and natural environments. This Scholarship Competition invites students of architecture, art, design, engineering, planning and science to submit research, speculations, or design projects that operate as FOG ANALOGIES. These submissions should utilize select characteristics of fog to propose a responsive material, structure, or environment pertaining to one of the following three categories:

MATERIAL _dematerialized matter
STRUCTURE _dematerialized space
ENVIRONMENT _dematerialized landscape

Entries will be juried by a multidisciplinary panel of professionals. Competition winners will be awarded monetary scholarships for graduate study at a United States college or university.

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“Parliament has collapsed. The tax office has collapsed. Schools have collapsed. Hospitals have collapsed.”
– President Rene Preval of Haiti

In the wake of the Port-au-Prince earthquake, Haitians have sustained an immense loss of life, with numbers still climbing, and the collapse of physical structures signifying the collapse of the governmental, social, economic, and infrastructural institutions those structures housed and represented. Many of those institutions and infrastructures were weak before the quake, as Haiti is among the world’s poorest nations, reliant on international aid and subject to severe economic disparity.

Register by: Feb-15-2010 / Submit by: Feb-15-2010

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The Marine Culture and Pop Music Center is an integral part of the major public investment and construction plan by the Kaohsiung City Government. A major investment toward the overall development of Kaohsiung and even the whole of Southern Taiwan, it is one of the “i-Taiwan 12 Infrastructure Projects” as well as the “International Art and Pop Music Center” under Executive Yuan’s “New Ten Construction Projects”, which has a budget of NT$500 billion over five years. Through the building of an international art and cultural performance venue and a marine culture center, the aim is to establish Kaohsiung as a fulcrum for Asia-Pacific pop music production and performance and an international exchange platform for marine culture.

Register by: Apr-15-2010 / Submit by: Apr-15-2010

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