August 2014
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Workbase Selection is back! Please follow the link below and fill in the questionnaire. Do note that only the 2nd years (excluding polytechnic direct intakes), 3rd year (both current and new UTM KL intakes) and the 4th years are involved.

This questionnaire will close on Friday 7 September 1159pm. Do note if you’ve registered the course but did not fill in the Workbase Selection, the Department reserves the right to randomise you into any available spaces.

Workbase Selection 2012/13 Semester 1

We’ve heard it all before. Architectural Studio is one of the most unruly spaces ever given by the university to a student. If you think the daily studio is messy, wait till you see it 30minutes before the submission deadline.

But here we are, relooking at how studio spaces should be, and what it could be. Credits to those mentioned.

1    – Nur Fatin Aqilah bt Yusuf
- Noorulnashuha bt Atan

2    -Zaidatul Akmal bt Ariffin
-Nazlia bt Mustafa

3    -Faisha bt Zaidi
-Nurul Haziella bt Najat

4    -Murtadha bin Mardzuki
-Ahmad Azim bin Ashar

5    -Syazwani bt Yunus
-Zulaika bt Atraii
-Mazlin bt Muhd Sudin

New semester, new pledge, new resolution. The Workbase Selection is now open for all students registered for Design Subjects this semester. However, there have been some changes in the Workbase system, particularly in the lower years. The Workbases now follow centralized coordination and no longer have a separate project brief as it was before.

This system is hoped to reintroduce the students to the core of architectural design during the lower years and only introduce them to specializations in the upper years (particularly at the Thesis level). Hence the selection criteria for this semester boils down to which workbase master the students prefer to work with.

Follow the link below to register your Workbase preference(s)


Attention all,

2011/12 Semester 1 Thesis Submission Day:
Venue: Bilik Kuliah 1, B11
Time: 9am to 12pm, 2.30pm to 4pm.
i. Fill up Submission Form at You should do this now.
ii. Print the Form results and bring it on Submission Day.
iii. Bring along all your drawings, models and CD/DVDs along with the Form on Submission Day, during the submission hours.
iv. Drawings and models will be checked and stamped. Only stamped materials will be allowed to be presented on FTA.
v. Coordinator will stamp the submission form once satisfied with the submission.
vi. Go home and sleep.  See you on Monday.

a. Reports are considered as part of the submission and will be used during FTA. However, you do not need to submit the report on Submission Day.
b. Late submissions will not be tolerated.

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